Tradiční výroba českého cukru

The rich history of Litovel sugar factory goes back more than 150 years and it is intertwined with the history of the town of Litovel, the region of Litovel as well as the development of the sugar industry. Since the very beginning of its existence, the factory has witnessed a number of social, cultural and, last but not least, economic changes.

About the Company

Litovel sugar factory was founded in 1871 as an agrarian joint stock sugar factory and since the very beginning it has played an important role in the economic and political life of the town of Litovel. The agrarian joint stock company was nationalised in 1948 and the factory remained part of a state company of North Moravian Sugar Factories until 1990.

The sugar factory in Litovel was privatised, and as of 1 May 1992 an independent joint stock company called Cukrovar Litovel a.s. was founded. The factory maintained this legal status from 1992 to May 2000 when bankruptcy was declared and a bankruptcy trustee was appointed. At that time, the production was suspended for three years after the 1997/1998 sugar campaign. The new era of the sugar factory in Litovel started in 2001 when the assets of Cukrovar Litovel, a.s. were bought at public auction by a company called Litovelská cukrovarna, a.s. This company has been running the factory since then and the production technology has been gradually enhanced since 2002, with the sugar processing capacity having increased from 1600 tons a day to today’s 2800 tons a day, which amounts to 45,000 tons of sugar produced during one sugar campaign.

The factory of Litovel is situated in a very fertile region of Haná, one of the most convenient regions for sugar beet growing in the Czech Republic. Sugar beet has been grown in the region for nearly 150 years and forms part of the traditional sowing procedure.

At present the sugar factory processes from 280 to 300 thousand tons of sugar beet supplied by local farmers.

Today the company relies on almost 150-year-long tradition of sugar production; the quality of the produced sugar has been enhanced by many technological adjustments aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers.